Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finished Book #5!

I've just sent off book #5, a book that features an Ugly Duckling heroine, a hero who doubts his own capacity for honor, and a villain.  All three are a major departure for me, which made for a wonderful challenge! I eagerly await my editor's response, and am taking full advantage of the free weekend to catch up on all the home tasks that have been neglected for far too long!

Task #1: Purchase a new computer!  I'm making the switch from PC to MAC, as waiting for my PC to load requires far too much time.  While at a writing retreat a couple of weekends ago, I had to wait FORTY minutes for it to reboot after it had frozen on me. Fortunately, I had a book to read to pass the time. But when under deadline, every precious minute counts and I can't afford to wait on technology.

Task #2: Take my incredibly supportive husband out for dinner and lavish him with my undivided attention. I firmly believe that any man married to an author possesses a thread of sainthood. What other male would be capable of picking up the household slack without complaint and yet still retain his good sense of humor? I am so blessed.

Task #3: Wade through the stack of bills and paperwork that has accumulated while I've been under my deadline crunch. It's amazing how paperwork reproduces whenever I dare to glance away; how can so much paper come into one home, especially when I do so many of my bills online? I'm aghast.

Task #4: Take an hour to grocery shop. Really. My teenage sons, like so many of their ilk, can survive on pizza, frozen burritos, and the occasional carrot with the best of them. But every once in a while, I really *must* stock the refrigerator with something other than milk, bread, and eggs.

Task #5: Steal a few moments to read a good book and refill the well. My Kindle's TBR list is topping out at over forty books - I simply CANNOT purchase more until I've read at least six of them!